Creative Statement:
Erica Yob has always enjoyed creating art. After 12 years of focusing on graphic design and having 2 babies, she is returning to her fine artist roots.  EYCreative is the banner that her art lives under and it is the place where her true passions are showcased.  With an artistic aesthetic of artwork inspired by the world around her, Erica creates art that speaks to everyone. Whether carving wood or painting with oils, the message is the same – this is my heart, soul, history, and future – played out in art. 
Art is a way to communicate passion in any form.  Whether inspired by nature or relationships or dreams - art gives us space to express in a way that words alone cannot.  EYCreative is a banner for daring art, big art, small art, weird art, refined art, and messy art.  It is about the process of art and not only about the end goal of creating a piece of art.  It is an avenue for self reflection and self expression.  For EYCreative as a company, the goal is the process.  

About the Artist:
Erica Yob is a woman who wears many hats.  She is a mother of 2, a wife, a sister and daughter.  She is an artist, business woman, music and wine connoisseur, the dreamer behind world changing political messaging and the creative behind EYCreative, E Design Co, and Namaste Interiors.  She is a graduate of University of Michigan's college of Art and Design and a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Erica's story is reflected in her art and her design - as you get to know her work, you get to know the woman behind it!